The 10 Rules of Modern Etiquette

The 10 Rules of Modern Etiquette

It is easy to show courtesy as a symbol of respect for both yourself and others. But there are many little things that people often ignore, but they play a significant role in developing the perception of ourselves in the minds of the people.
By performing these rules of modern etiquette, you can easily become a much more successful and pleasant person.

1- It sounds quite obvious, but a lot of people do not call before they visit a friend or a business colleague. No matter how good your company is no one would expect you to show up unannounced.

2- Not only it is bad manners to dry your umbrella when it's opened whether it is someone else's place or an office you simply hang it on a stand to let it dry.

3- Elegant people put a piece of cloth on the table before they put their handbag on the table. Similarly, the briefcase should be on the floor not on the lap.

4- Use a proper handbag for your everyday use as the plastic bags and the branded bags from the boutique are only meant to take newly bought goods from the market to the home and not to be used as handbags.

5- A well-groomed person will wear pants and sweater at home as the robe and sleepwear are only meant for the bedroom.

6- Knock the door of other people especially the children and they will return the favor of knocking your door before entering your room.

7- For a woman, it is okay to wear a hat and gloves indoors but not a cap and mittens.

8- The fashionable woman can wear as many accessories as she wants but an unspoken rule of fashion accessories dictates that a woman should not wear more than 13 fashion accessories including bracelets and other jewelry.

9- If you invite your friends or business partners to a restaurant it means that you are expected to pay the bill. It is essential to understand the difference between rendering an invitation and suggesting to dine out.

10- Exiting the vehicle facing outside gives you a more refined posture whereas trying to exit the vehicle while moving both legs together will provide an opportunity for people passing by to peek at your private parts.