Angle Drilling Attachment Milescraft Orbiter Drill

Angle Drilling Attachment Milescraft Orbiter Drill

A drill is a versatile tool, it can be used in so many applications. Yet you will feel at times that it has its limitations. Especially when you need to reach a tight corner but it seems impossible to have your drill make a hole there. It is those moments that needs a solution and it is called orbiter. It is made by MilesCraft.

You can attach one of these to a drill and it becomes a 360 degrees Drill. With the Orbiter, no tight area will remain unreachable. You will no longer need to bend weirdly, you will be able to reach bends underneath tables in a comfortable sitting and standing positions.

The best part of the Orbiter is that it is quite cheap. One can buy it for as low as $30. It also has a nifty lock on it, you lock it and it's safe while you use it.

Page 2: See more detail on how this drill attachment in a video by the Milescraft.

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