7 Tips to save Time and Money on Cars in Snow Cold Winters.

7 Tips to save Time and Money on Cars in Snow Cold Winters.

The winter is coming, and you should be able to take a good care of your car to avoid wasting time and getting in trouble. You should keep your vehicle ready to start on a single attempt whenever you need it, and it is possible by taking care of a few things.
We have seven simple steps to take care of a car in the winters that will make your car readily available even in the snowy cold weather.

Icy Windows
When a thin layer of ice stakes on the windshield it makes it impossible to drive as you cannot see anything through the window. It is quite simple to remove the ice by using vinegar water to clean the windshield.

Frozen Carlock
One of the distressed things that can happen to your car is that its lock gets stuck by being too cold. Without the right tools it is quite difficult to open it, but with a regular hand sanitizer, you can easily open it thanks to the alcohol present in the hand sanitizer.

Frozen stuck door
If the car door is stuck due to the cold weather, use a regular cooking spray to soften the rubber seals. This method is quite effective in both open and closed-door situations where cold-weather is preventing it to be either opened or closed.

Fog on the windshield
The easiest method of cleaning the fog from the windshield without having to deal with a smudgy mess is to use a chalkboard eraser and rub it on the windshield. You can permanently get rid off fog by keeping a cloth bag filled with kitty litter that will absorb moisture and prevents from fog to ever happen again.

Frost on side mirrors
The side mirrors are known for their likeliness to get a layer of ice frozen on them overnight which can be easily avoided by using plastic bag wrapped with the help of a rubber band. You will never have to clean side mirrors again.

Frozen and foggy headlights

If there is a layer of wax on the headlights, it will prevent snow and moisture to stick on the surface of the headlight. It is essential to have clean headlights to have enough illumination on the road during winters.

When the car is stuck in the snow
kitty litter is an advantageous material that you should keep in your car because if the tire is stuck in the snow just pour some kitty litter in front of the tire and the vehicle will easily get out of the snow.