7 Amazing Futuristic Inventions That Can Make A Real Difference

7 Amazing Futuristic Inventions That Can Make A Real Difference

1- Kenguru is an electric hatchback car that is designed for wheelchair users. It will make the transportation much easier for disabled people.

2- JogAlong Stroller is exactly what its name suggests, it is a stroller that allows the parent to jog. Being a parent is challenging, but now you can stay fit as well while taking care of a child.

3- The Lilium Jet is an all electric plane that can fly at 300 km/h for 300 kilometers. It is the technology of future transportation that does not need roads.

4- Scewo is a self-balancing wheelchair that can climb stairs. It is a stylish self-mobility vehicle for disabled people who do not want to compromise on the movement and style.

5- Transformable Coffee tables by Ozzio Italia that has a hidden storage and added seating capacity. With the ease of transformation, this is a must-have modern living room table.

6- Noria is the next generation of window AC that brings the best of both cool and fresh air without much effort. It looks absolutely beautiful and futuristic fitted on a window.

7- Stair Climbing iBOT Wheelchair v2 is a wheelchair that has the ability to climb stairs and raise its occupant to the eye level so the person sitting in it can feel like standing.