5 Homemade Inventions and DIY Life Hacks

5 Homemade Inventions and DIY Life Hacks

1- Spiderman craze is in the air and everyone wants to have a device that fires the web like the superhero. This little DIY project is fun to make and you will be able to fire webs at objects and you may be lucky to even pull an Apple with it as well.

2- We humans have a range of bad habits such as our fingers cannot stay idle. The biggest example of this behavior is the massive use of fidget spinners but here you're going to experience something better than that, this little cube has all kinds of guilty pleasures that your fingers would love.

3- It's not only a fidget spinner that people are going crazy over the Internet, there is a huge trend of making soft drink dispensers that make it easier to quickly pour a glass of Coca-Cola and looks sleek.

4- There are some DIY projects that are not only useful on their own but there making process is so much fun to watch that you cannot ignore them. This water pump is not only a simple design that you can achieve at home but it really is fascinating to see its making.

5- A simple syringe based water pump that you can even choose for pouring a soft drink is a must to do DIY project. It will help you in getting water out of unwanted areas along with its original purpose of pouring the drink in the glass.