20 Mistakes We Make That Shorten Life of Our Gadgets

20 Mistakes We Make That Shorten Life of Our Gadgets

In today's world, we are accustomed to buying expensive electronic gadgets. These expensive electronics do not last more than a year because of our abusive use and carelessness. If we take proper care of our electronics and high-tech devices, we can easily prolong their life.


We have organized a list of tips and tricks that will ensure that your smartphone, tablet, and laptop will work for you for the foreseeable future.

Charging the battery

The latest lithium-ion batteries do not have any memory effect, so devices like mobile phones and laptops can be recharged without waiting for the battery to drop to a level of zero. By doing this, you avoid a full discharge of the battery which increases its life.

You should not shy from the recharging your devices more often. By not letting the battery fully discharge you are increasing its discharge cycles dramatically.

Although the devices are equipped with enough safety measures to keep the batteries from overcharging but you should unplug them at about 80% as 40% to 80% is the ideal battery level to increase its life.

Mobile charger

It is not safe to buy cheap batteries as low-quality chargers are made with cheap materials, and they often do not include the inbuilt controllers that keep the battery from overcharging.


It is better to skip the so-called ultra-fast chargers that are not made by the mobile manufacturer.

Avoid putting the protective case on your mobile phone and other handheld electronic devices as it increases the heat level of the device and reduces the lifespan of the device quite significantly.

Control the temperature of the device


Do not put a large device like a laptop on your lap as it obstructs the flow of the air which increases the heat of the device.


Higher temperature will destroy the lithium-ion battery more quickly than any other way of using your device so avoid direct sunlight and other sources of heat.

Electronic devices are designed to work at room temperature, so it is better to avoid extreme heat and cold. Try not to use electronic devices where temperature changes quickly, such as entering your house while there is a blizzard outside.

Display monitor

It is quite obvious to avoid direct sunlight on the screen of your electronic device as the sunlight will fade away the colors of the screen.

Do not clean the screen of your electronic device with your fingers as it is going to leave permanent dark spots on the screen. You should use the microfiber cloths for cleaning purposes of the screens.


Each time you close the lid of your laptop make sure there's nothing left on the keyboard, or it will damage the surface of the glass on the monitor.

Fluctuation in voltage


The electronic devices are not designed to work in storms and especially the thunderstorm. It is ideal to unplug your computer, laptop and all other electrical cables connecting to your electronic devices such as chargers and internet cables. These cables can become a gateway for the lightning to destroy your devices.


There are places in the world where voltage fluctuation and electricity outage damage thousands of devices each year, it can be avoided by using an uninterruptible power supply device that keeps your devices on regardless of the voltage fluctuation.

Clean devices works better

Today's generation is more mobile than our predecessors, and we keep our mobile phones and laptops with us all of the time. We usually keep a bag for these electronics, but we put all kinds of stuff in it which will damage the electronic device. You should have a sleeve for all of your electronic devices that you keep in a backpack.

All of the electronic devices need regular maintenance especially the cleaning; you should remove dust and other small debris from your devices using a soft cloth.

If you do not wish to damage your phone as you lack the experience of cleaning an electronic device yourself, you should confidently contact the nearest service center for your device to have it properly cleaned and serviced for future use.