12 Ways Zip-Tie Can Solve Everyday Problems

12 Ways Zip-Tie Can Solve Everyday Problems

Zip ties are catching up with duct tape as the solution of all the problems. You can use a zip tie to do a bunch of things from making a key ring to fixing your zipper. These are also known as cable ties because earlier they were introduced as the solution for tying down wires in server rooms. If you have seen a server room, you will know how many wires goes into those things. But later smart people found out more uses. Here today you will see 12 of them. You will learn how it can be a replacement for your shoelaces and how you can secure cigarette lighter from accidently starting a fire. It is commonly made of nylon. One side will have many teeth that go in the head and keeps it tight, more pressure will further tight it so it stays in place firmly. 

Want to make your kids happy and need to think on your feet, make bubbles with a zip tie and your kids will be happy to play with you.


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