11 Simple Tricks to Make Gadgets Look like New

11 Simple Tricks to Make Gadgets Look like New

Everyone in this modern world uses a couple of gadgets in the daily life. Whether it is a smartphone or a laptop, keeping it in good condition will make it last a long time.
Our staff has made a list of tried and tested tricks to keep our gadgets clean, and these 11 tricks will surely improve the longevity of your devices as well as make them look good.

1- A high quality and clean sound need your speakers to be dust free. You can use a roller for your clothes to clean the outer surface of the speakers.

2- Take a dry toothbrush to clean the earphones, stiff ends of the toothbrush will penetrate through tiny holes on the earphone to clean it from specks of dust.

3- Do not try to clean electrical wires with any kind of liquid cleaner rather rub them against any ordinary eraser and it will remove the dirt and stain marks from it.

4- The interdental brush is small and powerful enough to clean a headphone jack which is otherwise unreachable due to its small size.

5- Use a sticky tape to remove the dirt from your keyboard. The tiny pieces of bread and other kinds of trash that are often found on keyboards is easily removed with a sticky tape.

6- If you regret scratching your mobile phone screen then buy yourself a small piece of microfiber cloth to have a clean display of your mobile phone and computer monitor.

7- If you do not have the microfiber cloth or you can use a coffee filter as they collect the dust from the screen without leaving a scratch.

8- If you paste soft materials like microfiber on a plastic stick you can use it as a brush to clean USB ports and other similar areas that are hard to reach.

9- If you are sure that your mobile phone is equipped with a glass screen then you can use any soft paper for cleaning the screen without worrying about scratches.

10- But if your device has already had plenty of scratches then rub a little quantity of polish with a soft cloth in circular motions to fill up the scratches and make it look like a new screen.

11- The buttons on our smartphones and other gadgets often collect a lot of dust, and it is not that simple to remove, but with the help of a toothbrush you can quickly clean the buttons and the slots for SIM and SD card