10 Useful Upcycling Projects To Will Inspire you.

10 Useful Upcycling Projects To Will Inspire you.

The do-it-yourself experts have a famous saying that "never throw anything away." You can recycle almost anything and find a new purpose for an item that is otherwise a piece of garbage. Whether it is an old skateboard or a broken table you can repurpose it into something beautiful.
We have found 10 of the most useful recycling projects from around the Internet for your pleasure.

1- If you do not bind your creativity you can even make a lamp out of an old skateboard as visible in the picture below.

2- Low megapixel old cameras are often found in the garbage, but you can make a vintage lamp using the body of an old camera.

3- Repurposing old toys is perhaps the most exciting DIY project you will ever do. Rather throwing away your old collection you should consider making a lamp look incredibly intriguing by applying gold paint and a lot of action as you can see in the picture.

4- There are many plastic boxes available to organize your knives in the kitchen, but perhaps these books block is the most tasteful way to hold your knives.

5- Old worn out clothes such as T-shirts can be easily transformed into beautiful looking aprons in near to no time.

6- Vintage styling if done correctly gives more prestige to your washroom than the modern tiles and what better example you can have then this washtub sink.

7- Use an old tire to make an ottoman, it will look wonderful sitting in the corner of your living room.

8- If you have a combination of love between vintage and games then this full of dice clock is right up your alley.

9- Infuse your love for tennis in the coffee table by making a sturdy stand out of old wood rackets.

10- Do not pay hundreds of dollars to Mosaic experts as you can easily make a mosaic floor using nothing but actual pennies.