10 Life Tips To Completely Change The Way You Do Ordinary Things

10 Life Tips To Completely Change The Way You Do Ordinary Things

One should never miss an opportunity to learn the ways to improve his life and the matters of daily life should be consistently improved to have a more healthy lifestyle. A lot of people experiment in their life and come up with genius solutions, and when they offer it to others, it helps to pay attention to these things in making life much easier.
We have accumulated 10 of the most useful life tips that are going to be a fantastic addition to your bag of tricks.

1- Make the meat taste better.
Most delicious dishes are often made with mince that is thoroughly marinated for a couple of hours. It absorbs flavors in the meat to make it tasty.

2- Fix your sore throat
Don't worry if you have a sore throat or inflammation in your throat as some cardamom in hot milk is going to soothe your throat in minutes

3- Starting a fire easily
When you need to light a fire but do not have any liquid fuel then go ahead and burn a few pieces of potato chips, it will burn better than any damp firewood.

4- Quickly calm down yourself
By pressing down on the patch of skin between your nose and lips, you can easily calm yourself down. This technique is extremely helpful especially when you have a nervous breakdown.

5- Quickly boil potatoes
You can easily speed up the boiling process of data by adding a little butter in the saucepan.

6 Check the freshness of an egg
Submerge all the eggs in the cold water and see if it's sinks or floats; if it comes to the surface throw the egg away.

7- Substitute eggs with bananas
Half banana is almost equal to an egg when it comes to making the dough for a cookie or a pie.

8- Easily remove glue stain from the glass
Ordinary household or vegetable oil quickly removes glue stain from the glass by pouring a few drops of oil on the surface and wiping it clean with a paper towel.

9- Boil the beans and pulses faster
Even if you have forgotten to soak the beans, just boil them in unsalted water and keep on adding a tablespoon of cold water every 7 to 10 minutes and they would cook just fine.

10- Easily get in the new shoes
The new shoes are tighter and take some getting used to when you try to wear them. You should wear thick socks and heat up the shoes with a hair dryer for about 10 minutes to stretch the shoes so when you wear it, it quickly gets on.