10 Excellent Tips To Make Your Life More Comfortable

10 Excellent Tips To Make Your Life More Comfortable

Simplify your life by allowing yourself to live more in the same number of hours of a day. You should not be bogged down by the irritating problems rather you should be able to enjoy what you cherish the most in your life.
We have accumulated ten very useful tips that are going to help absolutely everyone.

1- If you struggle parking your car in the garage and fear you will damage the front bumper of the car then you should hang a tennis ball from the ceiling to the level of your windshield. It will prompt you from going too far when parking the car.

2- Buy yourself a family calendar and mark the birthdays of every relative, so you never forget an important day again.

3- A lot of packages for cereal, pasta or dough does not come with a resealable lid, but you can make one with a cutout plastic bottle as shown in the picture below.

4- We all love to cook but forgetting the recipe is quite common, so it is fine to have recipe hanger in your kitchen.

5- Cut a plastic bottle to use its bottom to mix the paint and its neck to hold the brush when you're not using it.

6- Aluminum foil has many uses, but you may not be familiar with its ability to sharp scissors by simply cutting aluminum foil with the scissors you will be getting a sharp edge in no time.

7- Don't put the dirty nails in your mouth rather use a simple woven glove as a workaround to keep your nails handy and quickly use them to hammer in a block of wood.

8- If you are used to reading hardcopy books then you can use its stand for your Android tablet. It is an inexpensive solution to keep your latest gadget available in the kitchen with you.

9- A lemon does not damage your skin like a detergent so do not use detergent to clean stainless steel fittings in your washroom rather clean it with a lemon.

10- Forget about pouring pancakes with all the messy methods rather mix all the ingredients in a bottle and quickly pour it into the pan to have the perfect pancake each time.